Regenerative agriculture is our ally in the production of specialty coffee because the coffee industry has been changing and we are changing with it, which is why we seek to guarantee quality coffee not only for the present but also for the future.Regenerative agriculture and speciality coffee

Although we have been working on our farms for several years under the concept of sustainability, which has allowed us to strike a balance between production and the environment, we are constantly looking for new alternatives that not only help us reduce the environmental impact but also allow us to add value to the planet.

In this way, we have adopted practices also called regenerative agriculture, whose main premise is the health of the soil and healthy soil is essential to achieve quality coffee.

For you who are looking to provide your consumers with the best speciality coffee, but are also concerned about all its traceability, we want to tell you about some of these practices that we carry out on our farms, which are resilient to the climate change crisis and maintain the flavour profiles demanded by all the consumers.

● Reduction of the use of glyphosate: We have reduced the use of glyphosate by 80%, allowing the soil to have more microorganisms and organic matter to achieve crops with higher yields in blooms.

● Water treatment: in our farms we use a modular anaerobic treatment system that reduces the amount of solubles in the water through our treatment plant, returning the treated water under the standard of the national environmental authority.

● Use of «coffee waste production» materials: from a decomposition process of the coffee cherry, we produce organic components that are later used in crops. This allows us to reduce costs in the use of fertilizers.

● Planting of native species: we promote the necessary conditions for crops to prosper, cultivating 8,000 trees of native species within the coffee plantations.

If you want to know more about how we add value to the planet and the characteristics of each of our farms to produce high-quality speciality coffee, we invite you to schedule an appointment and visit us.

And if you want to learn more about sustainable agriculture, we invite you to watch this material.