Sustainable coffee farms are concerned that sustainability is transversal, that is, not only in the cultivation and production processes or the relationship with the environment but also in the social aspect.
When buying the coffee, Do you wonder what conditions the farmers who picked work in?
Some brands won’t tell you, but we will, because our Rain Forest certification is a guarantee that the coffee that you bring to your store and your customers were produced on a sustainable coffee farm: when we work on rationally our natural resources; workers are treated fairly and there is enormous conservation of fauna and flora.
In one of our previous blogs we told you how we carry out environmental sustainability under regenerative agriculture practices, today we want to tell you how we add value to our coffee growers, who are the pillar of our company.

Know the social actions that make us a sustainable coffee farm

Decent housing: we provide a home to the families that work on our farms, where they also have all the necessary food to live with dignity.
Access to education: We make sure that the children of our coffee farmers do attend schools, some of which are 10 minutes from our farms.
Fair payment: We have software that allows us to trace the work done and provide fair payment to our workers. Producing speciality coffee is crucial to being able to pay 20 to 30% more than other coffee farms in the region.
Generational change: we provide training on special coffee production issues so that young people who want to learn can find opportunities in the field.
These are some of the actions that we carry out in our company so that our team feels happy working with us and continues to produce true quality coffee.
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